Saturday, February 11, 2012

WAY behind... Christmas Day 2011

Whoa!!!  I am so WAY behind it isn't even funny but for documentation sake, here's how our Christmas 2011 went.  We knew the boys would be coming out of their room at 7:30 that morning so we got up early, got everything ready (camera and video camera) and we were ready for the fun.  The big boys came out first and since we had put the gate up to keep them from coming out too early they came into our room.  We read the Christmas story in their Bible and talked to Jesus in prayer, thanking Him for coming to the earth so long ago as a little baby.  During the Christmas season we really work on focusing on the fact that Jesus came as a baby, lived on the earth without sin so that He could die on the cross and pay for our sins.  What a sweet time we had with them that morning!!  We also had a special video on the computer that we wanted Jacob to see so the boys watched that together.  It was a video of Santa telling Jacob how proud he was that he stopped sucking his thumb.  Quick story behind that... when he was at the dentist last August the dentist told him that he really needed to stop sucking his thumb and that if he did stop that she would write a special letter to Santa letting him know how big he was.  Well, I'm not sure if that helped him stop or if he was just ready and grown up enough to stop (I'd like to think it was the latter) but he stopped so we wanted to make sure he knew that everyone, including Santa, was proud of him! 
 We got the baby up and changed so that all three boys could come out together.  The first thing they saw was the train that Charles had set up the night before.  They loved seeing the train go round and round under the tree and around all their gifts!!
The first thing we always do on Christmas morning is open stockings.  The boys dug right in... of course, Luke needed a little bit of help! :)
Usually we would go have breakfast after stockings are done but because Christmas fell on a Sunday this year we went ahead and let the boys unwrap all of their presents before breakfast and before getting ready for church.  They all had so much fun opening their presents... by this time we had contained Luke in his high chair.  He hadn't really caught on to the opening part, he just wanted to get into E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!!!!!  So, he was just as content sitting in his high chair and opening/playing with his new things and it made it much easier on the rest of us!!
The boys absolutely loved opening their special bags from Nana & Pop-Pop!!  They felt so special to have their names on their bags with their own special things inside.
I have to say that one of my favorite things this year was the gift that my parents made for us.  They have started making things each year for the four of us (Matt & Sarah, Becky & Jason, me & Charles, Danny & Ashley) and this year they made us something that I wish I could keep out year round!!  I just love the letters they made for us and I will look so forward to putting them out every year!!
After breakfast we quickly got ready for church and headed out the door.  I was expecting our morning to be much more hectic than it actually was so that was a nice surprise.  Once church was over we headed home for a small lunch and much needed naps.  Once naps were over we headed over to the Smoak's for our Christmas with them.  They were able to bring Granddaddy over for the afternoon so it was special for the boys to be able to spend some time with him.  We had a nice dinner and then enjoyed one more round of presents.  Thank you, Mom, for having us all over and making time with family on Christmas so special!!
Finally, before leaving to come home the boys were dying to hold the baby chicks that we had gotten Charles' mom for Christmas.  Charles and his brother worked really hard the few weeks leading up to Christmas and built her a chicken coop so we went ahead and got the chicks a few days before Christmas.  She was SO surprised.  Those chicks have been her babies and they have grown so much!!  Next time I am over there I will have to get a picture of the coop as well as an updated picture of the chicks!!
Sorry the quality is not that great... they were taken with my phone :)

Christmas this year was so fun and so special.  I cannot be happier with the family God has given me and I feel so privileged when I spend such special times with all of them.  Christmas 2012 is going to be even more exciting and fun and I can't wait!! :)

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